Whiteout 305 18x20 XTD

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WHITEOUT 305 18 X 20 XTD

The WHITEOUT Extended Length is designed to offer players with faster swing speeds a precise, control and feel-oriented racquet. It features a thinner, constant beam width design with greater flexibility and Foam Tech Core technology to reduce vibration and enhance the feel of the racquet.

Headsize  :  98 in²
String Pattern  :  18 X 20
Weight  :  305 g
Balance  :  320 mm
Length  :  27.5 in
Beam Width  :  21.7 mm

  Weight Control Module: Interchangeable 5 gram and 10 gram butt-cap plates can be used to modify, adjust, and tailor the weight and balance of the racquet.

  Foam Tech Core: Optimally formulated PU density foam is utilized to fill the head of the racquet to reduce vibration and enhance feel.

  40T Carbon Fiber: 40T Hi-modulus Carbon Fiber is strategically placed at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions of the racquet to enhance the impact zone, increasing the sweetspot, stability and power of the racquet.

  Liquid Crystal Technology: Liquid Crystal Fibers are incorporated into the design of the racquet to optimize flex, reduce vibration, and improve the overall feel and play of the racquet.


Grip Type: Synthetic Cushion

Recommended Tension: 45lb - 50lb

Recommended String: Tour Bite / Hyper-G / Confidential