Tour Bite Reel

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Solinco Tour Bite, our high performance string providing every player with extreme spin potential and precision all while executing powerful strokes, confident ball strike and predictable placement of the ball.

Our high-powered co-polyester monofilament fibre is designed and shaped to generate maximum power while amplifying the spin and bite intensity of the ball

"I feel much more confident taking a full swing at my groundstrokes"


String Type: Co-Polyester

Key Characteristics: Power, Spin

Colour: Silver

Units / Length:

  • Reel (656 Feet/200 Meters)

Available Gauges:

  • 16 Gauge (1.30mm)
  • 16L Gauge (1.25mm)
  • 17 Gauge (1.20mm)
  • 18 Gauge (1.15mm)
  • 19 Gauge (1.10mm)
  • 20 Gauge (1.05mm)