Blackout 300 XTD28

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For players who thrive with extended frames, The BLACKOUT XTD+ delivers extra reach, stability, and access to power and pop due to its 28″ length. Built with the same performance innovations found in its standard-length version, this racquet amps up the stakes in your game.


  • Increased Wingspan + Hitting Zone: The extra inch in length enables an increase in court coverage, more access to angles, and stronger return capability.
  • Powerful Drive + Stability: The uptick in swing weight enhances the racquet’s power potential and contributes to its overall stability and pace absorption.
  • Stronger Service Games: A one-inch extension creates an elevated launch angle, resulting in a boost in serve speed.

Headsize  :  100 in²
String Pattern  :  16 X 19
Weight  :  300 g
Balance  :  315 mm
Length  :  28 in
Beam Width  :  23.5-26-23 mm

Recommended Tension  :  45 lbs – 50 lbs

Stringing Instructions (16 x 19):
Mains – Skip: 7T, 9T, 7B, 9B / Tie off: 8B
Cross – Starting Knot: 5T / Tie Off: 6B