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With a track record of impressive results, it’s no surprise that players of all levels and backgrounds choose Hyper-G to boost their competitive edge. Hyper-G is the string of choice for grand slam champions across all surfaces, as well as NCAA and junior grand slam champions. Read on to discover more about Hyper-G’s storied history of success and hear from those who have experienced its superior performance firsthand.


Poly of the Year – String Forum (2016)

Most Popular String in NCAA Tennis in All Divisions – Tennis-Point (2022)

#1 Best Selling String – Amazon (2023)

Top 3 Best Selling String – Amazon (2022)

String Favorite and Best Seller – Tennis Warehouse (2022)

#2 Best Selling String at Specialty Stores – Racquet Sports Industry (2023)

#3 Best Selling String at Specialty Stores – Racquet Sports Industry (2022)

#5 Best Selling String at Specialty Stores – Racquet Sports Industry (2020 / 2021)



“After changing to a 15×16 racquet, I had to search for the right string. Eventually, I found the solution – Hyper-G 18 gauge. These strings feel incredible! Definitely more spin on my serves and groundstrokes, added control/finesse on touch vollies, and superior ‘feel’ in general. Just last week, a gentleman interrupted my conversation with another player and demanded to know what strings I was using. Guess he liked my serve and volley, followed by a wide angled drop shot.”
 Connie, Tennis-Point review
“There is a purpose to the 20 gauge and it’s not to put it in the main strings. I have always been a big string breaker. Heavy top with pace, open strings patterns, and high tension. I play with Hyper-G 17 gauge in the mains and Hyper-G 20 gauge in the crosses. I seldom go 4 sets without breaking a string, but it is never ever the 20 gauge in the crosses. Try it, I guarantee you’ll never put a thicker gauge in the crosses again. Gain tremendous feel and spin.”
-Tennis-Point review
“At 18 gauge, it does not seem to break easily. I have not noticed any elbow problems as many players experience with poly strings.”
-Don, Tennis-Point Review
“I have used this string at two different tensions. First was at 50 lbs. Too uncontrollable for me. I restrung it at 54 lbs and found it to be more accurate, and still very powerful at 54. If and when I use it again, I will probably go to 56. No issues with durability.”
-Amazon review
“I’m an ordinary 4.0 player, always using mostly synthetic gut at 17 gauge with a low string tension for the softer feel and grab on the ball. Never tried Solinco strings before, and just received sets of the Heaven Outlast and Heaven Hyper-G. I like them both…a lot! They just seem to play so much better–nice soft feel to the strike, and good control. I’m the same old 4.0 player, exact same racquets, same stringer and string tension, but the balls seem to have more topspin and bite. Now, if I can start winning matches, then I will have to owe it to the strings. We shall see.”
– Kaz, Amazon Review



“Hyper-G has a great combination of power, feel, and control. We use Hyper-G at a thinner gauge for that feel and control and it gives us a little more pop on our serves. It’s also great for groundstrokes. It gives you that bite, so you can accelerate as hard as you want and the ball will spin back into the court.”
-Mike Bryan
Former Professional Player
18-time Grand Slam Champion
Former ATP Doubles No. 1.
“Hyper-G gave us this resurgence. We hit #1 in the world at 40 years old. It’s very forgiving on the arm. It has that soft touch that you need in doubles, but it also gives you that easy pop. We were looking for a string that was lively, but didn’t hurt our arm, and Hyper-G checked all the boxes.”
-Bob Bryan
Former Professional Player
18-time Grand Slam Champion
Former ATP Doubles No. 1.
“Hyper-G allows me to swing fast and I can still grip the ball pretty well. I use Hyper-G Soft 17 gauge strung in the low 40’s. It’s comfortable, and I like the power and the grip I get on the ball.”
-Nathaniel Lammons
Current ATP Doubles No. 30.
“I started playing with Solinco Tour Bite 6 or 7 years ago, when I was still playing singles. When I started to play doubles, I felt more comfortable with Hyper-G. It’s a little softer, works better for volleys and I feel like I’m not losing tension during a match.”
-Simone Bolelli
Current ATP Doubles No. 43
“My whole game is about top spin. Oftentimes, I would break the string because I was just cranking top spin, but I didn’t care because I knew it made me play better. I loved the feel of Hyper-G – that’s why I kept going up in the game.”
-Nick Taylor
Former Professional Wheelchair Tennis Player
11-time Grand Slam Champion
3-time Paralympic Gold Medalist