Blackout 285

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The BLACKOUT is engineered with the Power Flex Zone to offer a powerful and explosive ball off the stringbed, while creating generous spin for control. This racquet is designed for all levels of play from recreational to professionals on tour.

Headsize  :  100 in²
String Pattern  :  16 X 19
Weight  :  285 g
Balance  :  330 mm
Length  :  27 in
Beam Width  :  23.5-26-23 mm

  Weight Control Module: Interchangeable 5 gram and 10 gram butt-cap plates can be used to modify, adjust, and tailor the weight and balance of the racquet.

  Power Flex Zone: Max beam height is placed near the 5 and 7 o’clock positions of the racquet to improve the flex and maximize power. The added strength near the bridge, maximizes power return to the ball and minimizes energy loss in the racquet.

  40T Carbon Fiber: 40T Hi-modulus Carbon Fiber is strategically placed at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions of the racquet to enhance the impact zone, increasing the sweetspot, stability and power of the racquet.

  Liquid Crystal Technology: Liquid Crystal Fibers are incorporated into the design of the racquet to optimize flex, reduce vibration, and improve the overall feel and play of the racquet.


Grip Type: Synthetic Cushion

Recommended Tension: 45lb - 50lb

Recommended String: Tour Bite / Hyper-G / Confidential