Shadow Racquets

Posted by Brian Eyley on

Solinco's new Shadow rackets have been designed to enhance performance
for tennis players of all abilities. The Shadow utilizes a new
performance material, Liquid Crystal Polymer ("Liquid Crystal
Technology"), which provides for exceptional strength (5x's stronger
than steel), vibration dampening characteristics, and resistance to
abrasion.  This performance material is carefully integrated into the
Shadow to enhance the overall feel and performance of the racket.  The
Shadow also utilizes the power of racket design and shape for maximum
aerodynamics. The sharp knife-like profile shape and design reduces
resistance and drag as the racket is swung through the air to allow
for faster racket acceleration, head speed, and maneuverability.

Available in two head sizes, 98 and 100 sq inch.

98 available in 285 and 305 grams 27 inch

100 available in 260, 285 and 305 grams 27 inch

100 also available in 245 grams 26 inch for junior players.